Pole Conditioning



Pole Conditioning and Strengthening is a challenging full body workout. As your pole move repertoire increases, strength and conditioning are key components in executing more challenging and difficult moves. This class targets key muscles and muscle groups that are recruited for pole specific moves combined with cardio, strength and endurance sets. This is an ALL level class that with a fun, supportive yet challenging atmosphere.

Pole Conditioning Classes is for ANYBODY!

It’s like hiring a trainer in the gym instead you do EVERYTHING on the Pole!

You’ll learn:

Pole Push-ups

Pole Crunches

Pole Ups

Pole Squat

Inverting Workouts

Shoulder mount workouts

Climbing Techniques!

Invert (go upside down)

Pole headstand, forearm, & handstands!


A FULL BODY workout for $10.00!

You will leave Sore Today & Strong Tomorrow!

No Pole Experience Necessary!

Class is EVERY  THURSDAY AT 6:00pm